About Me:

My name is Grace Tom and I am a 16 year old freelance videographer and photographer. I became interested in photography at a young age, playing around with my dad's cameras as well as my old Hannah Montana decorated camera. And when I was about 10 years old I saved up for my very first video camera, a Samsung HMX-F90. Not the best camcorder I could've gotten, but it was the start of something great.

As I got older, I grew a passion for editing videos and then soon after I was watching tutorial after tutorial on youtube. When I was 12, I saved up for my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel T6i. And now use both that and a gh4 for my work.

My work includes head-shots, senior pictures, family photos, music videos, promotional business videosretail, live concert photoraphy and videography and more.

I hope you enjoy my videos and photographs just as much as I do. And I will continue to keep creating till the day I die.


email- grace.tom.business@gmail.com


(please do not print, sell, or take credit for any of my photos. thank you.)